The Privacy Policy


I respect your right to privacy and therefore, as the owner of the Service and data administrator in the meaning of the law of 29th August 1997 on personal data protection (the unified text of the Journal of Laws from 2002, no. 101, item 926 with later amendments), I hereby introduce my privacy policy.


The data I process

Stating of any personal data is completely voluntary. I render services defined in the Terms and Conditions. Stating of the following personal data is necessary to proper conclusion and execution of a sales agreement and rendering of services: PayPal

Regardless of the scope of information you state during your visits on my Service pages, both the Server and software applied to the analysis of behaviour automatically gather data concerning these visits. These are data such as your IP number, the operational system of the appliance you use, the browser name, the information concerning the commencement, completion and scope of each use of our web pages and services as well as other data transmitted by protocol.


How I use the data?

I use your personal data for the purpose of proper implementation of the sales agreement, in particular to dispatch the ordered product and carry out services you use or intend to use. In particular, your personal data are applied to handle the orders, payments and to contact you.

Your personal data are also used to:

  • adjust the content of the Service to your preferences and optimize the use of web pages;
  • compile statistics contributing to my understanding how you use my online store and enable me to continuously increase the level of my services;
  • present advertisements in a way that enables the individualization of the advertising message. This means that our advertisements will be more likely to correspond to your expectations.

I don’t disclose your personal data to any third parties in any other way than resulting from the purpose of our Service’s activities as well as the scope of the issued consent and representations without a legal basis requiring to disclose them. Also, I ensure I make every efforts to efficiently protect your personal data, in particular in a way set forth in the Personal Data Protection Act as well as the Act on Provision of Services by Electronic Means.

Your rights

In compliance with the binding legal regulations I ensure that your personal data can be freely accessed, modified, amended and deleted. You can access, modify, amend and delete your personal data by contacting the Service at our e-mail: admin (at)

Personal data protection

In order to minimize threats connected with unauthorized access to personal database, I make every effort to ensure proper level of privacy protection and safety of your data. The tools I use have been selected to enable sound protection of personal data processing in compliance with the legal requirements.  

Information about Cookies

Cookie is a small text file (txt.) sent by WWW server and stored in the user’s hard disc such as a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, etc. The cookies parameters enable to read the information they include exclusively by the server which created them. The cookies are applied in case of counters, probes, internet stores, pages which require logging, advertisements and to monitor  the web page traffic.

Cookies’ function

We apply two basic types of  cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored in the user’s final device until logging out, leaving the website or switching off the software (web browser).  Persistent cookies are stored in the user’s final device for a period defined in the cookies parameters or until they are removed.

How I use the information contained in cookies?

The data contained in cookies are usually used to automatically recognize a particular user by the server which can generate the website intended for this user. It enables, for instance, to adjust www services, logging support, generating of statistics, etc. How does it work? Owing to cookies’ files the server can track if a user casted a vote from a particular computer. In addition, it can adjust the advertisement contained on a website in a way that it is not repeatedly displayed to the same user.     

I use cookies to adjust the content of web pages to the user’s preferences and optimize the use of Service’s web pages. In addition, I use them to create anonymous, aggregate statistics enabling me to understand the use of web pages by the user. This allows me to improve their structure and content without the user’s personal identification.

However, the user may set their web browser to disable the installation of cookies on their disc or automatically remove them within a defined period of time. Such settings may be changed in a way to block cookies in the browser settings or each time notify the user that they are sent to their devices. Nevertheless, this may lead to problems with displaying the online store.